5/6/17 Exam Date - Help Needed

Hello All,

I have my exam scheduled for 5/6/17 and I'm a little freaked out to be honest.  I began reading the PMBOK a couple weeks ago and have only reached Chapter 9 as of today.  I literally had to take a break from the book for almost a week due to it being very dry and almost like a dictionary in some aspects.

Going through PMBOK, I'm highlighting important texts and formulas and will go back to these after I'm done with book, but it's almost to a point now where I'm highlighting everything and just reading ASAP to complete the boring book.  There is just so much material contained in the book that I’m having a hard time retaining what I read.  I found a random website that offers 10 questioned Chapter Quizzes and take these after chapter I complete (I’m not scoring well on these at all).  This worried me so I freaked out and bought Head First and Rita's book.  I just received the Head First book and Rita's PMP book is on the way.  I also plan to purchase PMstudy's Gold simulator (online sample exams, study guides, etc.) as well.

My deadline for PMP exam is 6/22, so it's important that I pass the exam in May.  If not, there may not be an open spot in June to retake the exam in time before my deadline.

There are a lot of study material available and different approaches to go about studying, but I wanted to know if my study plan below is aligned with someone who would be able to pass the exam on the 1st attempt.  Please see below and let me know if I’m going about this the wrong way or if you see any red flags:

1.      Read PMBOK in its entirety.  A "high-level" read and highlighting important text and formulas as I go through the book, flagging important pages.

2.      Read Rita’s PMP Exam book in its entirety and a little more in depth than the PMBOK, also highlighting important text and formulas.

3.      Read Head First book in its entirety more in depth than PMBOK and Rita’s and try to understand everything.

4.      Complete online PMstudy Gold simulator course and complete the chapter quizzes.  For questions I get wrong, refer back to the 3 books and see what I did wrong.

5.      Complete 4 online exams on PMstudy.  As I complete 1 exam, see what answers I got wrong and refer back to books for explanation.  Try and complete the online exam every couple of days

6.      Schedule Prometric Test Drive 3-4 weeks before exam (allows you to undergo real testing experience as if it’s your actual exam day)

             7.      Up until my exam date, focus on material I still have issues with and search random online exams to simulate the 4 hour test as much as possible.

I kind of feel that I should complete the PMstudy chapter questions as I complete each chapter in the PMBOK, but again let me know your thoughts.  I truly appreciate your help in advance and hope you can offer some advice to a not so good test taker.



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Dear Simon, your plan is good.  When you start , there is lot of cloud and uncertainity. Things will become easy as you go ahead . Time management and Cost Management are two chapters you can focus more to get more confidence. 

Once you master the concepts you will find easy. Check out free materials on PMZilla, we have collected everything good on this website.

Thank you!

Are there any updated Comprehensive notes on PMZilla's free materials that reflect the latest revision of PMBOK?