Best mock exams similar to real one?

Hi everyone,

this question is primarily for you lucky ones who have already passed the exam: Based on your experience, which of the available mock exams (both free and paid) provide the most realistic experience in the sense that questions are comparable to the ones on the actual exam?

I have done a bit of mock tests already, but ready from a lot of reviews that 70-80% of questions on the exam are situational rather than direct knowledge questions. Also, a lof of people that have mentioned that the questions on the exam are somewhat "different" to the real one.

Thanks for any help you can provide! :-)


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Hi Mario

PMP questions keep changing, there are a lot of mock tests similar to real exam, you can try pmzilla 200 Questions too. 

Read LL Posted by others here to get more details

It is good that you are looking for paid PMP practice exams. I have written another article 13 Reasons to Invest in a Paid PMP Practice Exam. It provides reasons for taking a paid online test.

Having said that free questions are also very important.

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I have also written a 2 part article that discusses more about PMP prep strategy and PMP practice Q in details. You should read these articles before buying a paid exam.
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Free Tests

So, you should start with some reliable free tests before going to paid tests. You should read this article for reliable sources of about 3500 free questions - PMP Sample Questions.

Best PMP Exam Simulator

Lastly, you would need a good exam simulator towards the end of your preparation. I have written an article to do a detailed comparison of 6 popular PMP exam simulators. You can read and find out the best one - PMP Exam Simulator.

All the best.