Cleared PMP on 8th Sep'09

HI Guys,

It gives me immense pleasure in announcing that I have cleared PMP exam today in 1st attempt. Got Moderately proficient in Initiation, Execution and M/C; and below proficient in Planning and Professional ethics. Whatever the score or rating, I was much relieved and relaxed on seeing those magical word "Congratulations" on the screen.

One piece of advice to all PMP aspirants: I had a dilemma before attending the exam regarding questions being asked on the 3rd edition still or entirely on 4th edition (i think i put up my concern here at forum also), lemme tell you the questions are not fully refreshed. You still find language and options based on 3rd edition which makes things all the more confusing and complicated. I had an advantage since I had started to prepare in end May'09 on 3rd edition without knowing that the last date to give exam on 3rd edition would be 30th Jun. So i had made all my notes and done my preparation of ITTO's for 3rd edition and later realising my mistake since i was not fully prepared for exam by 30th June. Then i started 4th edition, since there were not major differences except in ITTO's here and there and verb-noun format. I was told my few of my friends to concentrate totally on 4th edition, but I had my doubts. And they proved to be right on the exam...for eg: you still find options as PMM (proj mgmt methodology) as one of the tool where as in 4th edition, no process has PMM as a tool. There is nothing like request seller response and select seller responses process in 4th edition, but you still get questions on those. Believe you me, I was really getting frustrated in seeing those  mistakes considering that this was a real exam and the corrections were still not done. So my earlier study of 3rd edition proved to be useful here since I could corelate the stuff a little and then answers. Then you still find questions on AOA/ADM where as it's removed in 4th edition. So be careful and I would suggest all of you to atleast give one or 2 reading on the ITTO's of 3rd edition. No need to mug up....If possible mug up 4th edition ITTO's. I was able to grasp 90% of ITTO's with lot of re-re-re-revisions. In the exam before start, I could jot down all ITTO's in 12 min time (just to keep as a ready reckoner with me). Next 3 minutes, i wrote down the formulas & the made the process chart.

So in nutshell, I would like to sum up PMP exam as: 50% as english/conceptual exam, 25% on your work/industry exp. and rest 25% PMI-ism concepts.

Thanks to all of you there, who helped me in clearing some of my doubts here with your valuable suggestions. Godammitt....I don't believe, I am a PMP now Laughing yipeeeeee...




Congrats !!!. Please can you tell us what are the course materials as well as practise exam used by you

I read PMBOK 4 times and really grasped the ITTO's. Apart from that I just referred Rita Mulcahy's PMBOK which was on 3rd edition, but that doesn't really matter, since she gives lots of tricks to answer peculiar questions. Dont worry too much on practice questions, all are more or less same. But let me tell you doing same questions again and again will not give you that confidence since the unique questions are asked in exam. You need to give stress upon the concepts and methodology. If that is clear, you can crack it and more so, in exam u will still find some questions totally unheard of and you can only apply a fluke there.

All the best for the exam!!!  



Thanks for sharing your thoughts.. I have other question for much time you think one should spend preparing for the exam ..i understand it depends on individual grasping power while reading and pracital exp..but would still like to know your thoughts on this 


This is a very relative question, it depends upon person to person...bu i would tell u that even if u study 1 hr a day, make sure next day when u return to study, brush up the previous days learning and start new thing. Like wise, on 3rd day, brush up 2 days learning and then go on to new domain. This way, u won't realize and u will remember ITTO's as well. Try to be regular with ur studies on daily basis...whether u study 1 hr, 2 hrs or 4 hrs.....

first my congrats to you on passing the there any tips or tricks to remember the ITTO of all the process.

Also of the 200 odd questions how many were deveoted to ITTO? and finally of all the practice exams which one is somewhat similar to the actual PMP exam.



Suresh S

Remembering ITTO's is somewhat little logical, else if u want to remember them fully, make some short forms or some kind of analogy for eg: Tool for Develop project team "Ground Rules In Training & Team-building Reduce Controversies" covers all tools really. or for Manage project team, one can have short form as "Its Observed that Interpersonal Issues & Conflicts affect Project performance appraisals". Sounds funny though, but it works, isn't it? Likewise try to make short abbreviations for as much as possible. This really helps.

I would say roughly around 15 direct questions on ITTO's are there and another 10 indirect ones where you need to know what comes after what and the flow of the process. So somewhere near to 25 questions is what I was asked, ofcourse this no. could vary from case to case.

Regarding practice exams, all are much the same (some are little tougher), but in exam u get unique set of questions only. So conceptually they will be same but not content wise. So pay attention towards clearing concept. If that is sound, U will crack PMP.

All the best!!!