Cracked the PMP Exam

Hello Folks,

I passed my PMP exam on 07/04/2015 on my first attempt. I would like to thank this forum aspirants as well as current PMPs for sharing tips, answers, explanations and general guidance through the maze that is PMP certification. My Proficiency Domain breakdown was 3Ps (Initiation, Execution, Closing) and 2MP’s in other. A few quick bullets or lessons learned (makes sense to use the right protocol here) based on my personal study experience:

  1. Did not get time to read too many books. However, I did go through PMBOK 4 times, front to back along with its summery at last, and to me that is the key to having confidence that you have a grasp of all concepts. I also managed to read from HeadFirst, their writing style and content is very friendly and boosting. I did also take a look on the PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp from EdWel Programs.
  2. It took me around 3 months to read all the above said books. Document a checklist for your study plan and targets. Depending on your professional and personal setup, you may or may not have ample time on a daily basis to study for the exam. However, I strongly recommend dedicating one hour a day once you make your mind to give PMP exam. If you are not sure and confused when to give PMP exam, please do not study for it.
  3. Always opt for PMI membership since that will save your cost for the exam fee. In case you do not have PMBOK with you, become PMI member immediately since you can download PMBOK and lot many other PMP preparations material from it. Christopher Scordo is one among the benefits.
  4. Once you have gone through the entire content at least couple of times and you feel that you have grasped PMBOK, then start practicing tests. This is the most important step in completing your preparation for the exam. You should aim to go through at least 1500-2000 good questions before you sit for the exam. There are plenty of sites and forums that will provide you with the questions and mock tests. I highly recommend Oliver and Pmzest questions. As long as the questions confuses you and it makes you to think, I find them mind openers. This is my view on practice tests while I understand majority of people prefer simple and non-confusing questions to practice.
  5. Keep in touch with few trusted mentors if you can. I found few interaction with Anmol Sinha from Pmzest very beneficial and motivating. I would also thank my PMP trainer Sateesh Kamat.
  6. Be focused and move with a goal to give PMP exam. Make sure you give sometime daily to read PMBOK or your hand made notes. Slippages in a day will result in more slippages.
  7. PMP exam is not an easy exam and neither it’s that hard. Study and Practice can just prepare you 50% with what you need, the other 50% is your common sense and intuitions.  Most of the questions will be situational and many will be long just for no reasons. Be prepared to face all type of questions and use your common sense to choose choices when you find them confusing.

I would like thank my family for giving me time to prepare for this exam. Please reach out to me if you have questions regarding PMP exam preparation.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP

Congrats and thanks for sharing your story.

I would really appreciate if you share all the mocks and the score during your prepration for the exam.


Sorry for late reply. After the PMP exam I am little bit free from stress and hence watching IPL matches after Office hours. :)

Here are the only tests I took:


Mock Test

My score

PMStudy Free


PMZest – 01 (200Q)


PMZest – 02 (200Q)


PMZest – 03 (200Q)


PMZest – 04 (200Q)


PMZest – 05 (200Q)


PMZest – Tough IITO


Christopher Scordo


Oliver's 75 Free PMP


Oliver's 175 Free PMP


ExamCentral - Free


Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP

Hello Rohit..

First of all congratulations to be coming a PMP:-)

It sounds so good even saying:-)I cant imagine how much good it will be while listening.

Now I will explain my situation,

I have exp. in Program managment(Company calls it that) although after going through PMP concepts,I feel like its moreover a Project Co-Ordinatore in Engineering services.

I have started studing for PMP last 3-4 minths but If i will the truth I have actually started studing from last one month(3-4 hours daily).I have read PMBOK once,Rita once and Head First once and when was giving the Mocks was scoring 60-67% all the time:-( not more then that.

So decided to study the books again.I started with PMBOK but its horribly boring(Please suggest how did you manage to study it 4 times:-( Then i switched to Rita again and then to Head First.I am reading Head first the 2nd time and finding it amazinglly good.

I was hell scarred when started studing bcz had heard from everyone that its a very difficult test but Now I have collected myself and decided to face the fear.I am planning to give the Exam in June end and will take the 35 contact hours in May first week. 

Can you please suggest,Normally how much time whould we take to prepare after we take the class and enroll for the exam.

I know very big comment but really looking for some suggetion.

Hi nisha,

I see your comments about the PMP exam and your level of confidence in the posts. Dont allow it to get into your mind. Just try to understand the concepts and keep attending mock tests. The questions available online are no way close to actual exams. confidence level will automatically increase once you have answered 1000-2000 questions. Just keep working on mock tests and try to understand why 1 answer is correct and other 3 are wrong. this would be a great learning.

I started my studies on 1st of April and I have reached scope management now. I am planning for my exams in last week of may 2015. before starting to read a chapter(knowledge area), I take a mock test to understand my current skill level and then i work towards my gap. I am planning to complete my reading by 1st week of may and concentrate on mock tests followed by revision.

I write the enter knowledge area/process group table 3 times everyday and I am able to complete them in 6.5minutes. I also answer 25 questions everyday and identify my gaps. one day I score 90% and other day 40%. so am not worried of numbers(scores). The more the number of mock questions you attend you will know how to read the chapter and this way my scores have increased moderately. from next week i will increase it to 50questions.

I use seanwhitaker's PMP training kit(microsoft press) and it is very close to pmbok5 and i practice mock test from pmstudy(free) and pm exam simulator(paid).

all the best for you preparation and hope to see you pmp certified very soon.



I am using Rita Fast track software, pmpexamnotes and some Pmstudy for my preparation. Would you like to review on a weekly basis?



Thank you so much for sharing your experience and thoughts..I am sure this will help me to go forward..I have decided to take the exam on 21-July..and start giving mocks from 1 week of may..everyday..Hope this will increase my confidence..

Thanks a lot..

I would bank on the response from oorvashe. I would have responded in similar voice. :)

My mentor had said that there are 6,50,000 certified PMP professional. Why I cannot be one among them? This number is big and there is no reason why even an average person with just average IQ skills cannot crack this exam.

I would again say, all your studies and test practice will only help you by 50%, the other 50% is your ability, competency and common sense. I do not see any reason why you should bring your Job profile and domain in between. Many people with the same background or even below what you have are certified PMP professional today.

Go with confidence and do not look back and think too much. :)

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP

Thank you Rohit..Finally I have decided to give the exam on 21-July..

And confident will do well:-)

Thanks for your sharing..

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Congratulations and thanks for this post

Congratulations! It's not an easy task to do, but you did it well. - Marla Ahlgrimm

Hi Rohit,

Many congratulations. Which books you found the best? I am reading PMBOK, Rita and Headfirst, are these sufficient? I am taking tests from most of the sources and securing around 65-70%. This would be my second attempt, any help from your will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Ketan,

It seems you have already learnt a lesson from your last failure and I am sure you will pass this time. Reading PMBOK along with Rita and Headfirst is sufficient enough.

Make sure you practice around 1500-2000 test questions. You will get links for lot many test to try free. If you are looking for some good questions to try, must try Pmzest and Oliver. See the links to access their free tests below:
Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP

I think nobody enjoys giving exams but i don't know why i always loved giving an exam. In fact, i used to motivate my friends via sharing best exam status or quotes with them.

That's very good. Congrats!
Those who want to read the experiences of recents PMPs can look at the following link:
Good luck.

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Hi Rohit,
Thanks for sharing your story.I hope you are doing good.
Kindly let me know you did go through PMBOK 4 times.Now, is it enough for me during PMBOK 6 Edition.
Sanjay Kumar