Failed PMP Audit, What to do next?!

Hi guys,

I was recently chosen for audit and have failed it. I guess I can say why that happened. 

They have sent me an email, somewhere it explains that :

"The project management experience that you have listed on your application does not meet this requirement because PMI requires that projects be documented individually, regardless of the number of projects a candidate is documenting."

I guess it referes to one of my experiences in my application where I have noted: 

"Different projects include providing locomotive parts, substituting or upgrading obsolete parts. ......" 

Cannot be sure about it, but I guess it's because I shoudn't have combined projects even thought there were several of them that I worked on as a part of my job on a daily basis routin.

I have two questions:

1)what happens next?!  Is it fixable after failing the audit?! I mean can I contact them, explain it and apply again with these project seperately documented?! or I won't be able to apply for a year or so ?! 

2)In case they ban me from applying for some time can I at least apply for CAMP or they won't let me ?! 

Hi Preyman_t,

I found an solution to the problem and there are many such people which were rejected due the same wordings issue. Feel free to reach me by email for talk further.





after failing first audit due to wording issue,is it confirmed that my PMP application will be audited second time too ? and after how long of the first audit failure , can we submit the application?