I just passed PMP exam and had some problems with staff

Hey, guys
I have just passed my PMP exam!
However, as I was taking it I had a really diffucult situation happened.
I had some of my stuff in a locker, my bag was standing in a different room and some food was on the table. Obviously everything was outside of the certification room.
As I had one of my breaks,  i tried to get in the locker and the officials started to get really angry with me and said that I could not. I was really tired and needed some food and refreshments and totally did not expect that. So I took some money out of the locker and they said that i am not allowed to use money. I asked them to show me the rules as I did not expect it and they could not.

I ended up walking a bit and decided not to buy anything and returned the money. I also had to take some pills, which they reluctantly permitted to take.
However they were very angry and said it would go to the report anyway as I was not supposed to open the locker. And they did not want to talk.

So... by the time I finished my exam I had more time so I wanted to talk the situation over. However they said that they had already filed the report with all the "supposed" bad stuff I did..

Needless to say in the exam room I had only the permitted stuff and my phone, notebook, etc. stayed always in the locker.

So... what do you think? Should I be worried?
Should I contact the Prometric and raise the issue? Or should I just let it go?


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Congratulations .. 

On your situation. I would say, just let it go.

Thank you for the support and advice :)