Need Expert Judgement from this forum to check if I am prepared for the Exam

Hi All,

I am preparing for PMP since last two months and below are the preparation efforts invested by me. Refering the below details, could you all please suggest, whether I am good to schedule the exam for 2nd May 2014, which is 2 almost 10days from now. btw this is my second attempt.

1) Books referred:

PMBOK (Read numerous amount of time. Carefuly read it twice. Recently last weekend.)

Rita Mulcahy 8th Edition. (Read around 3-4 times.)

Combined reading of Rita and PMBOK - Have done it once.

2) Questions solved.

a)Rita Fastrack 8 : All knowledge areas. (scored in the range of 78-84%) - Did it twice.

b) Chris Scordo: Solved 1-7 & 13-17 50question sets. (Scored in the range of again 78-84%) Still have to attempt 18th questions set.


3) Full 200 Question Mock Exams:

a) Rita PMP : 72%

b) Rita SuperPMP: 66%

c) PMStudy1: 65%

d) PMStudy2: 69%

e) PMStudy3: 70%

f) PMStudy4: 68%

Also gave headfirst exam couple of weeks back and score was 75%

After seeing my results I felt I was consistently scoring between 66-70% in full mock exams hence I revised the PMBOK again and attempted the Rita Fasttrack 8 Knowledge area wise questions once again, I mean attempted for the second time as described above. Also went through all the PMStudy exam questions which I had attempted to bridge my gaps.

After solving it, I gave PMstudy 3 & 4 exam this sunday and below are my scores :

PMStudy3: 82%

PMStudy4: 90%


My concern is, can I rely on the above scores of PMstudy 3 and 4 exam and schedule my exam for 2nd May ?

Also my grey areas as per the recent gap identification are EAC, TCPI, CPM - backward calculaton specific questions which I know are the basic ones which I would be focusingon again. Also would appreciate if someone has any good question bank where I can specifically practice these questions. Also S-curve questions as I have heard a lot on this forum about the same.


Thanks you all in advance !!






@ Jerry , go ahead for a PMP !!

You score are good and this not neccesarily reflect your PMP result.

For PMP you just be sure on application of all concepts.

Cheers and all the best !!




I spent 30mins everyday practicing in while on the train to work. I have gained enough confidence to take this challenging exam. No registraion required.


Good luck.


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you seem to be well prepared, try to focus on your weak areas in last few days.

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Hi jerry 


Al the Best for Your PMP Exam


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Good luck.