Passed from 2nd attempt

So.... what to say.... let's strart from begining

Prep for attempt #1

I was listening to recommendation from my colleague who told me that you could learn exam material in one week just going through Rita's PMP Exam prep book:

  1. I was on a RMC authorized training course for 3 days.
  2. I was very naive and I took only 2 weeks (just in case! LOL) to prep for exam.
  3. Went through the Rita's book.
  4. Memorized download sheet (Planning from Rita Chart, formulas, etc...)
  5. Did 3 exam simulations.
  6. After each simulation analyzed wrong questions and start to fill my gaps.

In the end I failed on Monitoring & Controling. 

Prep for attempt #2

I was desperate and looking for other options when I crushed on this site. I was learning from more fresh experiences and looking for recommendations.  

  1. Realized that Rita is not going to be enough to enhance my knowledge and that opposite to Rita it is really important not to only undestand ITTOs but to know (read: memorize) them. If not all of them at least 80-90%.
  2. I found lot of alternative sources for studying but I decided to go ahead with PMStudy, purchased PMP 30-day Gold Plan.
  3. This time I went through PMBOK (which is a must), some chapters more than once.
  4. Went through PMStudy materials.
  5. Did 2/4 PMStudy exam simulations.
  6. Went through Rita's Quicktests.
  7. Did 100 questions from Rita Fast Track.
  8. Updated download sheet.
  9. On the last day last thing I did before exam I wrote all processes across all Knowledge Areas and Process Groups on a piece of paper and tried to remember all that I learned so far.

Today on 13th of October I passed exam! What a great day! :))))


  1. Update all your credentials on PMI site.
  2. Don't apply for exam date yet.
  3. Read and understand Rita's book first (it is easier to read).
  4. Read and understand PMBOK (will make much more sence afer Rita).
  5. Apply for exam date 30-45 days from this point if you know that you will have 3-4 hours each day for preparations.
  6. Start to memorize important notes you worte down while reading Rita and PMBOK:
    1. All processes
    2. ITTOs
    3. Specific techniques
    4. Formulas
    5. All parts where you feel that you are weak
  7. Start doing simulations (3-5) every 5-7 days and track your progress. My feeling was that PMStudy tests are the closest to exam tests, but would suggest that you use various (2-3) sources of tests just to have better overview of types of questions.
  8. After scoring above 75% on simulation tests you can say that you are ready for the exam. If not go back to #3 and if necessary reschedule appointment.

Good Luck!





Many congratulations, you must be feeling extreme happy.

Rohit, PMP

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Congratulations.  Very Well written, gives complete picture of what you went though.

Thanks for posting.