Passed PMP on 1 June 2017

i am very happy to say that completed my PMP exam on Jun 1, 2017. i studied for 30 days started from May 1st. Each time i wanted to do PMP, work and family responsilibilties kept pulling me back. This time i had to do it as my application was expiring :P. This forum has kept my motivation high. Thank you PMZilla and its members.

Each  i read the success and failure stories, i read them well to understand the tips and tricks.

I collected all links, youtube, google and websites went through them. Frankly speaking i have hradly taken not more than 3000 solid questions. 

Preparation time: 30 - 45 days. 3 rounds of reading. Materials used: A guide from office PMP training and PMBoK5 book. Read both thrice, no other books. Rest all is google and youtube.

After first round of reading took one mock test and i scored 65% and was not happy with it. My confidance went down. Started reading again second round. Took 2 tests, felt better close to 72% and 75%.

Final round of reading, this is when just before a week i had booked exam and i realised i have to take more tests and i felt something is missing. As i had seen blogs from PmZilla, i went through simplilearn, headfirst and PMZilla tough questions. i got better like 75 - 90%. Then i came across PMZest. this was the best question bank that i found and first time trial i got 50%. this is when i realised what if i fail. So bought the question bank. So towards the exam days ( 4 days before exam) i took only PMZest tests 100Qs - 11 tests and 200Qs - 3 tests. i finally scored 70%. #AnmolSinha is such agood mentor and motivator. Each time he kept telling i  can do it. Thanks to #PMZest for such good questions as in the exam it had same level of difficult and tricky questions.

Had practiced well to solve 200Qs in 2hrs ( 120min)

Final day: On the day, was so nervous. Cant hear anything except your own voice telling you to pass the exam :). I reach the center had booked 12:30 exam. Security check was done it takes like 10min. After that as soon as they log in for you a survey pops up and soon after that exam starts. I was told not to write anything  ( i had planned to pen down formulas and table) during this survey time as i will be disqualified. So started doing the questions i completed it with in 140min and took break for 5min had water and rushed back. Did review and changed few answers. At the end again survey, where you dont want to do it as all you can think is of that "Congratulations" page. So i see this page. I felt i did it. Finally did it :)

wish you all good luck for the PMP exam. Never give up. Dont lose focus. Always be self motivated. Think of something that will motivate you more.

i sacrificed my hubby birthday, my parents anniversary and my son vacation during the study time. Now is pay back time :) I am really thankful to my family for supporting me during the tough time of reading and motivating me. They would say i can do it in my dream :P. 

Finally did it and happy to be part of this group.

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Congrats!!! Teena.

Sharing a link for how to earn and claim 60 PDUs



Congrats!!! Teena.

Sharing a link for how to earn and claim 60 PDUs



Thank you, will do. Thanks to Saketh Bansal videos on Youtube :)

Congratulations Teena. Your hard efforts did make this happen. Keep contributing to this forum when you get time.

Rohit, PMP

Thank you Rohit

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Congratulations and thanks for this post

Thank you for creating such a good forum :)

That's very good. Congrats!
Those who want to read the experiences of recents PMPs can look at the following link.
Good luck.

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many congrats ....

thank you

What do you think about Pmzest in comparison to the actual PMP exam?

Is it very similar tot the actual exam in terms of its difficulty level, lower or higher?


it is very much similar and helps in thinking the way exam expects you to. i had bought 30days exam kit

Thanks Teena,
I just bought it today and did my first test. I had been scoring very well in Mock exams (around 85%) but in my first PMZest test the score is 66%.

I am happy to see these challenging questions and taking them positively to find out my gaps. Do you have any suggestions for time management for the real exam? I see you said that you had practised doing 200 questions in 120 mins. I finished my first PMZest exam within 3 hrs without any break.
Is the real exam easy t o finish or is it likely that people might run out of time.
Thanks again for your reply.

keep practicing and pace it. i did the same :)

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