Passed PMP on 19th of June

Hi Everyone,

Would like to share my experience with you all, so you can all benefit from it.

I passed PMP (thank god :)) on the 19th of June.

I prepared for the exam for about 4 months and of course studied the most before the exam by two weeks lol.

so here's what I did :

1. Studied PMBOK chapter by chapter.

2. After each chapter, I would read its corresponding one in Rita.

3. After each single chapter in Pmbok and Rita, I would go and solve questions in Rita's book and PM Fast Track.

4. Before the exam, I re-read PMBOK and I discovered one great site that is just amazing since it simulates the exams' difficulty in the situational questions.

This site is called . When I first solved the first test, I failed and got 50%. So I bought the entire bank of questions. They helped me a lot as they were situational questions that were very similar to the exam.

Anmol Singh (the owner of the site) was very helpful as he sent me great notes (you also get to receive them once you buy the bank of questions). Those notes had memory aids so they were very helpful.

5. Before the exam, I focused on procurement and integration. They were very important topics that had a lot of questions in the exam. Also I solved lots of questions in PMZEST and many other sources over the internet, but Id din't want to confuse myself a lot so I focused on PMZEST's exams and notes received by Anmol.

6. The exam is 4 hours, best practice is to sit for the first 1 hour and 45 mins, then take a break of 15 mins then come back and sit for another hour and 45 mins, then the last 15 mins are for revision. However, that wasn't the case for me. I sat for about 2 hours and 30 mins, then had a short 5 min break, then sat back for the rest of the time.

7. There was no time to revise in the exam, so please try not to mark a lot of questions for review because you won't get the time to review them again.

8. Last but not least, please dont give up. It takes  alot of patience and pereserverance but it DEFINITELY IS WORTH IT AND WILL DEFINITELY PAY OFF AT THE END :) :)


Best of luck Everyone!


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