Hello Guys..

I am back here after some time:-)(Was kind of a small break for sometime:-)).

First of all I would like to thank everyone here who directly or Indirectly helped me in this journey..

Guys..Trust me everyone can do it..It just a matter of dedication which you have..Only the thing which can limit you is the "SELF DOUBT" else nothing can..

Now what I did..

I studied Rita 3 times,PMBOK 2 times(+skimed once) and Headfirst(Amazing book).

Did mocks,Scored 70-88%

  • Headfirst
  • Simlilearn
  • Izeinbridge
  • Andy crow
  • Scordo(Free for PMI members)

I had taken week off from office and skimmed Rita and PMBOK chapter wise and 3 days before the exam gave PMSTUDY and after that did not touch the book..was going the notes only.Give some time to relax your mind.

My learning from this exam is that it doesnot check how much intelligent you check how much patience you have..How much effort you can put..Can you motivate yourself..what you have learnt from other's lesson learn..

Trust me..guys..i was not this much happy even when i had received my 4 year Engineering degree:-)

My take away..take the first step and dont get horrified..If you are eligible for the exam..You have everything to pass it..

Will be more then happy to help..for any doubts..

Nisha Rai,PMP



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Nice LL Post, good for others to motivate themselves.

All can do with focused determination:)

Once Again congrtatulations !!


Md Javeed, PMP

Thank you Javeed..You have been a constant support for me and a Mentor..

Thank you very much:-)

Thanks and Regards

Nisha Rai,PMP

Have read your posts past few weeks. You were workong really hard and all your efforts paid off


i would ask which mock was the most near to the exam level


can you rank the mocks by priority 


Markus has already answered your question..

Additional i sugget PMSTUDY as well(Its avaiable free).

Congratulations, Great LL Experience.

Definately inspiring and help other members.


Did you memorize ITTO's?

Thank you..

I tried but later when understood..Itwas making sense and easy to apply at the time of exam.

You need not to memorize..Just undesrtand:-)


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Congratulations Nisha and thanks for being active on PMZilla and posting your LL here.

Thank you Admin..This forum has a very big role in my achievement..

Thank you so much..I ll be active on this forum as others helped me..If i can be able to contribute to this group.'s picture

1st of all hearted congrats to u....Your LL is motvating..!!

If you share the books (PDF) i.e

  • Headfirst
  • Izeinbridge
  • Andy crow

will appreciate ..!!



Thank you so much..

I had all hard copies..

Izeinbridge is a consultancy(Below is the link)

For PMSTUDY(For free Mocks)


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Hi Nisha,

Thank u very much for shareing links.



Congrats Nisha :)


Congratulation! and way to go for being brave and not post poning it any further ;)


Whats your score by the way? just curious

Hi Nisha,


Only a PMP certified person is aware of the amount of hard work and effort involved in earning this credential so please renew your certificate before the renewal becomes tough.
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Thank you Jyoti..

I am anyhow a great fan of Saket Bansal..Will definitely visit.

Thanks and regards

Nisha Rai,PMP

Hi Nisha

Congratulations!!!.  Really feel good when I hear that some one has passed the exam :) that's  the motivation factor for guys who plan to.  I am still in my inital stages of preparation and reading through PMBOK and RITA.


Dinesh Shenvi



Thank much..

I much motivation we need in this start up phase:-)

Keep going..Dream you Goal:-) you will hold it very soon..

Thanks and regards


You must be thrilled! Thanks for the motivation and I hope to make thru the exam one day myself. 


Hi Nisha,

Many congrats ! I think success stories like this becomes so inspring and motivating for people like me who are preparing and aspiring to be a PMP soon.




Thanks Andy..

Ya i know:-) as we all go thorugh the same phase..

This exam has nt just given an added credential to my professional profile..but taught me so many things on personal believe..:-)

A lot of people from this forum has helped m in my journey..and i would also like to be a part of someone's :-)..

All the very best and please write back any time..If u feel I can help..


Nisha Rai,PMP

Nisha - what all paid test did you subscribe to ?




I have not took any paid test..

Some of the linkns i have forwarded you.


Thanks and that's a good post!

How did you get your35 PDUs required for exam?