PASSED PMP (July 2017)

Hi all,

I passed my PMP exam today (13th July 2017) with Proficient in every Domain (5Ps yay!!)

I started my preparation by reading PMBOK first and making notes as I read every chapter. I then read RITA once and added Notes from it to my previous Notes. As I read RITA first time I did all the chapter end questions once. I then read my notes 3 times (PMBOK notes + Rita notes) and highlighted important areas in every chapter.

After this, I did all RITA's chapter end questions again and saw good improvement in my scores compared to the first time.

I then started with Mock Exams and did the following tests:


Reviews: This mock exam has 22 tests (1100 questions) out of which the first 10 are easy and the 11-20 are sort of challenging. My average for all 22 tests was around 84%. I think the actual exam questions were not very different in terms of difficulty compared to these mock tests, especially the tests between 11-20.

2. PMZest

I did 6 full-length exams (1200 questions) from PMZEST and also read the notes that come with the mock tests. these Mock tests are fairly difficult and I can recall that there were few questions on the actual exam had this level of difficulty. Most of the questions were less difficult as PMZEST questions. I would still suggest doing these tests as this helped me explore my gaps which helped me answer other questions on the actual exam.

3. PMZilla Free Test - Challenging Questions and good for exploring your gaps

After doing every mock exam I would spend a good amount of time going over all the correct and incorrect answers. I created a separate section called GAPS in my Notes where I added all the deficiencies that I discovered from all the incorrect answers on all the mock exams I did. 

So at this stage, I had a comprehensive and very condensed Notes that had Notes based on Reading from two texts book and gaps from doing over 2000 questions. These notes then became my everyday go-to as I would pick one chapter and read it from Notes and go over the Gaps list. I am now debating if I should share my notes here as there would be very valuable for someone preparing for PMP. Let me think about it !

I did try to memorise ITTOs for RISK, Quality and Procurement and for other areas I used logical relationship to try to understand (guess) what ITTO would be used in a given process.

The actual Exam was NOT very difficult as I thought it would be. There were maybe 25 questions that were very long worded but if you do mock tests you should not have any difficulty reading the long worded questions. The numerical questions were again very simple. I got a Decision Tree questions but just involved simple calculation for EVM for one decision Node. There were 5-7 Network analysis questions that were not very difficult and just required basis calculation for finding critical path or EF date for some specific activity. Calculations for EVM were very simple and straight forward, I am sure anyone would have answered those questions even without using a calculator! I did not get any numerical questions based on Procurement Management!

Time Management on Exam:

I was able to finish the exam 30 mins before the stipulated time so I took 3.5 hrs in total to finish the exam. I know I spent almost 90 mins for first 100 questions and maybe another 90 for next 100 and 30 mins to go over the questions that I had marked. I did spend 3-4 mins on few tricky questions (I don’t remember why I was stuck though!) Overall time should NOT be an issue for anyone. I was able to do all the Mock exams in under 3 hours but the actual exam took slightly over 3 hours which I was prepared for because I didn’t want to make any mistake by hurrying through questions.

Bottom Line:

I was told that PMP is a very scary and difficult exam which I think is NOT true. I  am not a super intelligent person and I think the exam is NOT very difficult. PMBOK + RITA, two good mock exams (preferably PMTraining + PMZest should be good enough) and My Notes haha!

Let me know if you have any question, I will be more than happy to help!

Good Luck and go get it soon!

That's very good. Congrats!
Those who want to read the experiences of recents PMPs can look at the following link.
Good luck.

congrats Saurav,


unfortunately, today i failed the exam, i got 3 MP and 2 BP. i havent used only pmzet free mock exam and struggled with situational questions. need your guidance

Hello Dear,

Have you taken any Training?? If not why can't now? If you have already taken the Training means you haven't received any proper guidance I hope. Anywayz past is past lets get into reality one of my friend also faced the same issue he hasn't taken any training and just with the help of mock exams and some online tutorials he attempted the exam but didn't get through. As per some online suggestions he then opt for some training institute who provide PMP Certification in Chennai. After getting trained with expert trainers he got through the exam and he is happy with the institute's support and got Certified.

could you please email on about how you prepared for situational questions

you can email me at with specific questions and i will be more than happy to help

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