Personality or Cost as the least cause of conflict?


I'm new here in this group and I'm preparing for my PMP exam scheduled on the 20th.  I am using Rita Mulcahy materials.  Yesterday, I took the PM study mock exam and I was confused with one question.  The question asked which is the least cause of conflict.  Having studied Rita Mulcahy book, it emphasized that Personality should be the choice.  However, PM study justified in the exam's answer that it should be Cost.  So which one should be the right answer?




Rita is right. Every conflict in fact, points to individual's personality regardless of the main subject of the conflict. Why personality? If only anybody involve in the conflict --- from the very start they were able to manage their personality surely there will be no conflict.


Hi Sharon,

As per the RITA 8th Edition, Page number#362, it says "Personality" is the last source of conflict.

Sequence as below.


2.Project Priorities


4.Technical Opinions

5.Administrative procedures






 Yes, i saw that and that is why I am asking this.  I took PMstudy mockup exam 1 and this question popped up.  I answered Personality as the least cause of conflict, but PM study answered it should be Cost.  It also showed the list but put Cost as the last one. 


To the best of my knowledge, personality occupies the bottom of the table (when arranged in descending order) for sources of conflict.



 Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate this.