For PMBOK Exam Prep: Andy Crowe or Rita Mulcahy?

My exam is in Nov 2013 with PMBOK5. Please advise -which reference book should I buy to study along with:

1. Andy Crowe  or 
2. Rita Mulcahy 

Because of time constraints can't read both. Please advise, if you have any experience or insight.

I am sure many out there are struggling with this dilemma.  PS :Have 15 years of work ex., so am familiar with PM stuff (terms) to some extent.

 I had written exam with PMBOK 4th and Rita 7th edition only...I did not read Andy....these 2 were good enough for my study...and could clear the exam...

Must ready PMBOK 5th Edition , Rita 8th edition and




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considering you know PM stuff and all, Rita's book will give you slightly different perspective, Both books are good and reputed.  Questions at back of chapter are good in Rita's book.

 Thanks this helps !

You can read the fowllowing 3 articles to find out which is the best book and which one should you buy.

1. Andy Crowe PMP Book Review

2. Rita Mulcahy Book Review

3. Andy Crowe vs Rita Mulcahy book comparison

Good luck.