PMP Cleared - First attempt on Apr 6th, 2017

Hello Everyone, 
I cleared my PMP exam on my first attempt and thankful to lot of guidance and suggestions received on the internet, so thought of playing my part in contributing to information which may benefits future test takers. Received with 3Ps and 2MPs.
Preparation Undertaken - I prepared for 2 months for the exam spending approx 2-3 hrs a day. Last week spent - 4-6 hrs/day. Believe this should suffice for an experienced PM. For others, maybe 3-4 months should suffice with more detailed understanding of concepts.
Reference Reading Material Used - 
1. PMBOK - once skimmed through the entire document. one detailed revision for 4 days. one final ultra-fast revision in approx 8-10 hrs.
2. Andy Crowe - same as above. some aspects are covered in more detailed and simplified manner in Andy Crowe. However it does miss out many of the concepts of PMBOK. 
I didn't go through Rita and have read it covers concepts in detail. So for relatively inexperienced PM it might be a good reference.
3. Memorized the Process Groups/Knowledge Areas from PMBOK. Made by own mindmap and formula to remember. It helped initially but by the time I reached the examination date, I anyway remembered things well as processes were much more clear.
4. Youtube videos 
5. ITTO - I didn't memorize but would have surely helped. But that's an uphill task :) I tried to understand the concepts and that's a good way but did confuse me at times during the examination. 
6. PMZilla Forums - Was quite useful going through experience and recommendations of other test takers
7. Memorize the formulas well. Plenty of material on the internet summarizing formulas that need to know.
Preparation Tests - 
1. Kept undertaking few questions on an ongoing basis, especially by downloading few apps on my phone. 
2. Took Andy Crowe's practise test. Was decent but didn't come that close to actual exam.
3. I didn't take any full length tests in a single sitting. That may help though building the pace (will cover during my actual test experience)
4. Didn't take any paid tests. Might have helped in timing myself better for the actual exam but range and type of questions were amply covered in the free online tests
5. - One of the best set of question bank I could go through with 700 questions. Many were quite close to the kind of questions that you will get in the exam. And some too simple and didn't see those type of easy ones in the exam.
Analyze all answers especially ones you got wrong. I used to mark the tricky ones which created doubt in my mind and go through them again.
Was scoring 75-80% in the practise tests
Actual Exam - 
- Exam was taken up in US and on the D-Day arrived 30 mins earlier at the prometric center. They were kind enough to let me start earlier than asking me to wait.
- Had brought some stuff to eat and drink for the break but was initially told to keep everything in the locker and should not access them. Then later when I went inside, I pointed this out to another lady and she asked to keep the eatables and drink in an open area on the top of the locker
- Was provided scratchpad and pencils right in the beginning and I could go through introductory video in 7-8 mins and took rest of the time to make a brain dump of formulas
- New tests allow you to highlight text in the questions. Also strike out options that you are sure are not the right ones. Helps during revision or if you skip the Q. Although I did waste a lot of time in striking out option and couldn't pace my exam as I had planned to.
- Took complete 4 hrs (5 mins to spare) and couldn't take a break as I was too slow. Should have done better.
- Barring some, most of the exam Qs were quite tricky. Qs were not lengthy but atleast 2 of the response were so close that for many I had take a leap of faith. 
Hope this is helpful. Any clarifications?
And good luck with your exam.



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Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad to know forum was of help

Congratulations !!!