Ritas process chart as Word/Excel/PDF?

Hi everyone,

does anyone have a digital version of Rita's process chart? I have the book and I want to start learning the cards, but copying the different pages as suggested in the book does not really work with my printer.



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Since Rita's material is copyrighted its unlikely someone will post content from those materials in public forum. 

I wasn't planning to violate any copyrights. I have bought the book and it encourages the reader to either cut out or copy the process descriptions in order to play the process game. So it is a matter of saving me a substantial amount of time to type the descriptions word by word and print them afterwards.

I had the same issue,


I found this online game based on Rita process chart, just what I needed,





HazS, thank you very much!!!

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I actually wonder why people are afraid to post it on open forums. Everything is going to be leaked eventually. Get help with college homework.

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