Passed PMP - what a weird exam!

Hello to all!

Yesterday I passed the PMP exam, 1st attempt, proeficient everywhere.
But what a weird exam.... in a bad sense.

Most questions are fare away from anything you can find in a mocktest.
Questions are short, usually on easy topics... and you immediately what you should answer...

Then you check the potential answers and... OMG what the hell ??!!!
You either find all proposals being wrong, or several being totally ok.
I'would say, 80% of the questions I had were intellectual / intuition challenging : you have to take what is the less worse / best answer.

So my advice : when taking the exam... be ready to provide WRONG ANSWERS as long as they are the least wrong proposal...
It dissapoints me a bit about the PMI!

Good luck to any test taker ;-)

PS : I hope I do no break the PMI code of ethics by sharing my feelings on the exam.

Congratulation for passing the PMP exam, but I could not agree with you that in PMP exam everyone should give answer trusting their luck. I think you really some talents that help you for pass the exam, that does not mean everyone else has such talents. I have a friend who also preparing for PMP exam under experts instruction from “ExcelR Solutions”.  He taking this Exam seriously I know sure he will pass his test. So don’t advice wrong thing others.