100+ Project management articles which are Unique and Worth Reading

A collection of some "REALLY UNIQUE" Project management articles from around the web to help you become a better project manager. Whether you are a new or experienced PM you are sure to find this collection interesting. Hand picked articles on variety of topics to give you the best learning experience.  This page will keep updating on regular basis to provide articles. So you can book-mark this page. 


Real life Project Management

  1. The Herculaneum Conservation Project
  2. Great project management challenges - The Hoover Dam
  3. Learnings from Hoover Dam project [PPT]
  4. IT Failure at Heathrow Terminal 5 , what really happened --- See two more articles below on same topic. 


Client Management

  1. Managing client expectations
  2. Analysis of project success criteria and success factors.
  3. What does a project sponsor really do ?
  4. Get the project sponsor you deserve 
  5. Four end user types that are IT Project's Productivity Killers


Cost management and Estimations

  1. Managing Hidden Project costs for better ROI
  2. Managing expectations situationally - Single vs multi point estimates.


General Project Management topics

  1. Evolution of project management [PDF]
  2. Project management is finally getting the real respect.
  3. Post it notes as PM Tool
  4. Unspoken additional PM constraint.
  5. Review of new project management trends  [PDF]
  6. Program Management and the FOUR 8s
  7. Cutting through the Chaos
  8. 7 beauties of project management 
  9. The Art of Project Planning
  10. Top Project management tools for 2016


PMO (Project/Program Management Office)

  1. Is your PMO Healthy ?
  2. PMO - Cost center to Profit center


Stakeholder Management

  1. 11 Project management tips for setting and managing expectations


Communication Management

  1. Cancelling Noise 
  2. How to use enterprize blogs to streamline project management
  3. The Power of Stories.
  4. The project status a white paper [pdf]


Scope Management

  1. Scope creep management - Root causes and Recommendations
  2. Every plan is wrong 
  3. Getting Your Arms Around Project Scope
  4. Requirements discovery and elicitation: Tactics for Tomorrow
  5. Diagnosing Requirements Failure
  6. 10 Ways Requirements Can Sabotage Your Projects Right From the Start


Schedule Management


  1. Why Schedules Are Always Late and What to Do About It – Timeline Risk Analysis for Predictable Project Schedules
  2. Schedule slippages - Root cause  ( This article talks about some of the challenges often faced in the Software Product Development industry that cause schedule slippage. )
  3. Earned Value , Clear and Simple [PDF]
  4. 7 tips on how to build a solid schedule 
  5. 8 habits on creating and managing a project schedule
  6. Practical Project Management & Tracking Using Microsoft Project


Risk Management 


  1. Proactive Risk Management - That prevents lot of fan cleaning.
  2. Calculated Failure Points.
  3. 7 crucial steps to effective risk management 
  4. The pursuit of courage, judgement and luck - rogue risk management Rant [PDF]
  5. Project Risk management  - Identify and Prevent Risk Issues   ---  Risk Seepage – Occurs because of sheer oversight. Risks are identified, analyzed but not monitored or tracked properly
  6. Expected Monetary Value or Value at Risk
  7. Risk Management… The What, Why, and How


Personal Development for Project Managers

  1. Time Management - More time , less stress [PDF]
  2. Beyond the limits of endurance. Lessons for being great managers.
  3. Make the move - Transition into Consulting 
  4. How not to micro-manage
  5. What makes a good IT Project manager. - 5 keys for success.

Agile Development

  1. Agiliity is essential, process is not.
  2. 6 Communication Tips for Distributed Agile Teams
  3. 4 Metrics to Help Spot Trouble for Agile Teams
  4. 6 Ways Agile Keeps Projects on Track
  5. Agile Under Firm Fixed Price Contract (FFP)
  6. Blending Agile and formal Project management


Team Management , Human Resources, Social Networking

  1. Belbin's Team Roles - Are you a shaper, Implementer, Specialist ?
  2. The Three P’s for Successful Conflict Management
  3. 7 Steps to improve team collaboration
  4. Social networking changing the business proposition 


Closing Phase

  1. Capturing those lesson's learnt.


  1. Is your project proposal ready 
  2. Identifying the Business Value of what we do.  ... With a bit of practice, it is easy to identify business value for our important improvement projects. First, we have to accept that not every project will be valuable to the business, so identifying the ones that are will make things easier. 
  3. Business Analysis Benchmark